Sunday, September 19, 2010

From the Office of the County Clerk - G149: Astros v. Reds

There was only scoring in three separate innings, and the Astros and Reds traded 3-run innings. Chris Johnson and Brett Myers get credit for the 4-3 win over Cincinnati.

*Myers' celebrated 18+ out streak is run to 31 games. As we've mentioned before, Curt Schilling's 35 starts of the same feat in 2002 is the most-recent record he's chasing, but this is a pretty incredible run Myers has going.

*On balls in play, the Reds were 6x20 against Myers.

*With his 7IP, Myers is 3.1IP short of his career high, set in 2005.

*One more about Myers. He threw 7IP for the seventh time in his last eight starts, and didn't give up a run for the third time in his last five starts.

*And then came Matt Lindstrom. Lindstrom allowed 3ER in 0.2IP, including a two-run homer to Ramon Hernandez. Yes. Ramon Hernandez. Lindstom has had two multi-run outings in his last three appearances, five since August 2, and nine this season.

*That two-run homer was hit with two outs. He has allowed ten runs with two outs, and three of the five homers he has given up this season have been with two outs, as well.

*Brandon Lyon made things interesting in the 9th, again with two outs. Brandon Phillips and Scott Rolen got consecutive singles, and Joey Votto came up with the tying run at 2nd. With runners on 1st and 2nd, Votto came into this game hitting .444/.531/.630, and .374/.497/.659 w/RISP. However, Lyon had a .178/.355/.274 line against w/RISP. It only took three pitches, and Votto popped up to end the game.

*Offensively, the damage was done by the bottom half of the order. Chris Johnson was 2x3 with his 10th homer of the year, and Humberto Quintero had a two-run single. Even Brett Myers got himself an RBI sac fly. The top of the order (Bourn-Keppinger-Pence-Lee-Michaels) went a combined 2x18.

*Hunter Pence was 0x4, and had three ABs in which he was swinging on the first pitch (and was out on all three). He had been hitting .384 when swinging at the first pitch (33x86). He's now hitting .371.

*The Astros had four starters see fewer than ten pitches all game. I'm not even going to back through and see the last time that happened, but it's not good. Combined day for those starters (Bourn, Pence, Johnson, Manzella)? 3x13.

*Despite taking two of three from the Reds this series, the Astros were 4x20 w/RISP.

*Pitch Count Hero: Carlos Lee (1x4) - 23 pitches in four PAs.

*Pitch Count Punk: Hunter Pence (0x4) - Seven pitches in four PAs.

*Man of the Match: We'll split this one between Myers and Johnson, who provided what was ultimately the game-winning RBI.

*Goat of the Game: Hunter Pence. For the aforementioned.