Tuesday, September 21, 2010

File this under "Please God, No"

Alyson Footer tweets (and here) that we might be seeing more Carlos Lee at 1B in 2011.

Here are the tweets, combined, for your viewing pleasure:
Mills tells media they had many talks last winter about moving Berkman to left field and Lee to first. Didn't happen obviously but it does make you wonder if Carlos will play more 1b than LF in '11. 1b is definitely his better position.

Horrifying. Because if Carlos Lee is playing more 1B next year, that means Brett Wallace is sitting on the bench, or he's playing in Round Rock Oklahoma City. After giving Wallace half a season to prepare for big-league life, what the hell would it accomplish to send him back to Triple-A, where he has hit .299/.357/.484? Who would take Lee's place in LF? And don't say "Carl Crawford," don't you dare say "Carl Crawford."

A youth movement is what got the Astros to this point, edging towards respectability by giving spots to young players. Not by taking your first baseman of the future and sending him back to the Minors, after he's been accruing two months of Major-League service time, where he'll be competing with Koby Clemens for time at 1B.

Even though his bat would (might?) be an upgrade over Wallace, let Lee play LF - where he can earn his $18m in peace, covered by Michael Bourn, and let Wallace develop. A commenter said it earlier, by the time Lee's contract is up, J.D. Martinez could be ready for Major League time, and there's Shuck and Bogusevic to consider, as well.

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Cockroach said...

Michael Bourn will also be eligible for free agency by the time that Carlos Lee's contract is up, so it's not necessarily Lee's spot that J.D. Martinez could take after 2012...