Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chris Sampson isn't the happiest guy in the world

I feel bad for Chris Sampson. I really do. The Previous Administration didn't treat his arm so well in 2009, and he's suffered for it ever since.

Astros aren't calling me up. 6 more days left in minor league season and then I will start doing camps & lessons at my Lonestar Baseball (Academy)

When asked if he was given a reason, he said:
(The Astros) did not give me any reason. Communication is not their strong point.



Peanut said...

Agreed that the front office should have let Sampson know what's up. His time with the Astros may be over. With two rough seasons behind him and arbitration coming up again, I'd be surprised if he's tendered a contract.

Ryan Sides said...

Add me to the list of those whose feel bad for the guy. He's a real competitor in my eyes -- it's a shame the way his arm was abused last year...