Monday, September 13, 2010

Berkman would return to Houston

In Kirk Bohls' column yesterday, he has a little note on Lance Berkman:

Lance Berkman told me Sunday he'd be open to returning to the Astros if they were so inclined, even though they have their first baseman of the future in Brett Wallace. "Sure, I would. No question," said the Texan, who has been reduced to a part-timer with the Yankees and plays only against right-handers.

I wouldn't bet on it happening.

He prefers the National League to the bombs-away American League. "To me, baseball is designed to be played the way it is in the National League," he said. "The AL is more offense, more RBI chances, more baserunners."

Agree, or disagree?


Deputy Jason said...

He'd be amazing to have as a switch hitter off the bench, and a DH in interleague games. If he'd take a nonstarting job, he'd be welcome by me.

Sean Peden said...

Bench Lee and let Berkman play left field!