Monday, September 13, 2010

Astros' organizational philosophy

Interesting note in Levine's blog today regarding the Astros' approach towards Eddie's Farm (referencing the ValleyCats' playoff run):

Despite the team accomplishment, the Astros' philosophy is still looking at the minors as primarily an individual enterprise. Develop a few players a year to be big league-ready, which has been accomplished with widely varying degrees of success lately, and the player development system has for the most part done its job, wins and losses aside.

What say you?


Brian West said...

The player development system has for the most part done its job

Agreed. The player development system has done its job, except when it has not.

The lack of real prospect at AAA is a huge concern. Maybe at the end of next season, we will see how well Eddie's picks (especially Lyles) have done after a full year at AAA.

Developmentally, we can certainly say that the Astros hav not been able to turn marginal minor league talent into MLB talent.

It is what it is.

Appy Astros Fan said...

I think their priority is development but there close second is winning. Nidiffer & Wallace were called up right after the G-Astros had lost a key series that virtually eliminated them from the play offs. Local word was that if they were still in the race, the promotions might not have happened. (I am not sure that holds true about Wallace, since Heath was called up to Lex due to an injury there.)

Then at the end of the season, do they send up the young 1st round center fielder or the young starting pitchers? No they send up the slugging right fielder and a bunch of bullpen arms. That sounds like putting a playoff push team together.

The Constable. said...

One interesting thing to consider about the ValleyCats is that their PDC is up at the end of this year. But the Albany Times-Union wasn't real happy with the product on the field (something that Asst. GM Vic Christopher discounted).

It could be that the Astros are courting the ValleyCats into re-upping at the end of the season - which, hopefully, is tonight.

Giving back to the Tri-City community, and providing missing pieces for a championship run, could be a pretty strong pick-up line.

Appy Astros Fan said...

the key phrase in the blurb you mentioned is "widely varying degrees of success".

the problem has not been developing the players it was the poor draft picks in 2002,2003, 2006 & 2007.

As a G-Stros coach once told me "you can't build a house when they give you termite infested wood"