Friday, September 17, 2010

Approximately 5% of Hill Country baseball fans are upset about this Round Rock situation

Other than not seeing the pitcher hit, anyway. The Austin American-Statesman has the story.

Reid Ryan:
Two things you will see are starting pitchers going longer in games and young players moving through the system quickly...Fans around here have a relationship with Nolan. A lot of people want to be part of what Nolan is doing. You forget that he is the most famous Texas baseball player, probably him and Roger (Clemens)...

...I have received maybe five e-mails from people who are upset about the change. I've probably received 100 from people who are fired up."

First of all, yeah, the Astros don't move guys through the system quickly. That's why Jason Castro is still in the GCL, six years after being drafted. That's why Jordan Lyles is actually selling hotdogs at Pioneer Park.

Second of all, no, I don't think anybody forgets that Nolan Ryan is Texas' most famous baseball player. I love Nolan Ryan. Why Drayton doesn't is beyond me.

Third of all, it's totally understandable that general baseball fans in the Round Rock area would be excited about the Rangers coming to town. It makes perfect sense for the Rangers to take over the Express. There's no problem there. We all know the Astros' farm system was terrible, but it's getting better. The very nature of baseball is a competition, and the Rangers and Astros are the only Major League action for about 800 miles, so I get it. But for the Ryans to come in acting like they're liberating central Texas from the hands of the Axis of Baseball Evil is a touch insulting.

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