Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We just may have helped kill the Cardinals

Or, at least, made them question the All-Knowing John Mozeliak.

Here, St. Louis Post-Dispatch writer Jeff Gordon runs around the village hollering and screaming:

Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak can look at the bright side today. Fewer people are asking why he traded a beloved hitter, Ryan Ludwick, to add another pitcher.

Newcomer Jake Westbrook pitched well in his debut, allowing just two runs in six innings Monday night. He was exactly as advertised, a savvy ground-ball specialist who should fit snugly into Dave Duncan’s program. But the rest of the Cards pitching staff allowed 25 runs in the next 11 innings against the Astros. Twenty-five!

Some of that failure could be attributed to defense, or the lack thereof. Fielding is not a strong suit of this team. Even in good times, the 2010 Cards give away outs. In bad times they give away runs and games. This takes a cumulative toll on the starters and relievers.

But the pitchers still have to make pitches – and several of them quit doing that the last two days. Jaime Garcia looked like a young pitcher hitting the fatigue wall Tuesday night. Set-up man Jason Motte developed a sore shoulder and lost command. That shifted a bigger burden to Mitchell Boggs, who promptly blew up. Key lefty Dennys Reyes continued his second-half meltdown. Fill-in reliever Mike MacDougal showed everybody why he was out of the majors this season. The only reliable Cards reliever the last two days was . . . utility man Aaron Miles, who threw a scoreless ninth inning Tuesday night.

So Mozeliak must continue making changes. Issues abound. The bullpen is looking frayed these days...

...Tuesday night’s epic defeat was a cry for help. Can Mozeliak answer it quickly? Can he answer it well?

The Cards season may hinge on his response.


Joe said...

The "all-knowing" GM who overpaid Holliday by 40 million when nobody else showed the slightest sign of offering Holliday 100 million. I think there were just offers of 80 million.

Kevin said...

If we can help contribute to the Cardinals NOT making the post season, this season will not have been a total waste.

Joe said...

I hope we pry Pujols out of St. Louis so he can join Boston, far far away. That sounds right.

brenton said...

"I was thinking one of two things," La Russa said. "Either the 10-run rule or the seven-inning thing that is in the Minor Leagues sometimes when they play a doubleheader. It was agony."