Monday, August 23, 2010

Wandy may be getting a long-term deal

Zach Levine's Notes Column this morning tells us that the Astros are planning on making Wandy a long-term deal:

Astros general manager Ed Wade met with representatives for Wandy Rodriguez this weekend in South Florida and said that Rodriguez's party had asked to discuss the lefthander's long-term future with the club.

Wade said, however, that specific discussions with Rodriguez's agent Barry Praver would take place after the season. Rodriguez said Sunday that it's his desire to remain with the Astros, where he has played his entire career.

What's a realistic goal for Wandy? He's making $5m this year, and he's also 31 years old. Would he go for three years, and $20m? Would you make/take that offer?
We also find that Paulino's shoulder seems to be doing better, after a long toss session at 90 feet returned positive results.

"We're going to take our time on that one. We'd like to get him back on the mound before the season is over, but it's not something we're pressing him to do."