Sunday, August 1, 2010

So here's the deal

The County Clerk is working on this campaign and is unavailable this afternoon. I didn't know this. I'm at the Sounds/Express game. So the Game Recap may come through, and it may not. But I do know we'll have some things to talk about. Anything you want to know about the Express, post a comment.



Anonymous said...

How is JD Martinez looking down there?

Anonymous said...

I'm an idiot and can't read....nevermind.

Who is manning first base since Everedge was released and Wallace is in the show?

Seth said...

Can Jack Shuck play CF effectively? That's basically the only place in the OF his bat will play.

Trae said...

How did Melancon look?

Also, how legit were DeLomes 2 HRs?