Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PhillyMedia is taking these two games personally

Specifically, Joe Vallee of Let's take a peek, shall we?

I don't know what is more humiliating. Watching the "offensive powerhouse" known as the Phillies (who constantly fail to gain ANY ground on the first place Braves) score just four runs in 25 innings to the lowly Houston (Triple A) Astros, or watching baseball's ever increasing arrogance and incompetence of the men who umpire the game...

...Losing to a team with (at best) three proven major league starters (Carlos Lee, Michael Bourn, and poster child for ritalin Hunter Pence) is a disgrace...

...All of this can be solved by instant replay. However, Bud Selig (possibly THE worst commissioner in the history of baseball) will have none of it. He may have been a great owner for the Brewers, but has there EVER been a commissioner SO out of touch with the state of his sport? He makes General Motors look like Microsoft. It's time to put egos aside and see what is going to improve baseball.

The rant regarding the umpiring and Bud Selig is in reference to the Bourn call (a bad call, yes) Monday night, and the ejections last night. Yep, it's everyone else's fault. Including the Astros, who are so terrible that Selig shouldn't have even made the Phillies play the game last night. No, it doesn't matter that the Phillies left 17 on base last night.