Sunday, August 8, 2010

Myers likes the coaching staff, Mills doesn't like the umpire

So Myers threw his 23rd consecutive start of 6+ innings last night, and he'd like to thank the coaching staff:

"Credit goes to the coaching staff. They could have made any move that they needed to make at any time in any of those starts. Luckily enough for me that they stick behind me for six innings.”

Darryl Kile went 24 consecutive starts with 6+ IP in 1997, and Myers' streak is the longest since Curt Schilling went 35 starts with 18+ outs in 2002.

Mills ain't happy about that game-ending missed call Friday night, in which Jason Castro clearly tagged out Corey Hart.

“That is the toughest way to argue a call, to go out there when everybody’s running around (and) the umpires want to leave. They’re trying to get off the field, and I’m trying to state my case as (the plate umpire) is walking off. It’s a bad place to be. It looked like (Hart) was out to me, and it looked like (he) was out to me last night.”

Yeah, he was out.

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Anonymous said...

Don't buy the pick with the leg high after he slid. If you watch the replay you can see his leg bounce along.