Monday, August 2, 2010

Meet your Astros County local government

Since we've had a significant increase in hits, RSS subscriptions, and Twitter followers, we thought it might be appropriate to introduce you to the local government.

The Constable - (Independent - Pasadena)
Creator, Editor, Figurehead
Handles major news updates, radio appearances, and updates before 6:30am.

County Clerk - (Democrat - LaMarque)
Game recaps
Handles the posting of the game recaps. Lives and dies with every nine innings.

Juvenile Court Judge - (Republican - Katy)
Eddie's Farm
Handles Eddie's Farm recaps and statistics. Cares more about the Hooks than about the Astros.

The Bailiff - (Republican - Beaumont)
Scoures the transaction line every day. Places great importance on the Temporarily Inactive list.

Deputies: Street, Jason
Handles bidness when any of the above four are unavailable. They do an excellent job, and sometimes we're afraid The Constable is going to replace us with one of them. And it might be justified.