Thursday, August 26, 2010

Keppinger can start playing baseball again

Hey-O! Jeff Keppinger has been cleared to resume baseball activities. This means he can now adjust his jock and chew sunflower seeds immediately.
Chris Johnson isn't letting his (now-).336 average get to him:
"I try not to look at stats. I know I'm hitting and that kind of stuff, but I don't look at what I've been doing lately, because then I start thinking about that, and when you start doing that you end up going the wrong way. I'm aware I've been hitting pretty good."
Turns out that Roy Halladay is a pretty good guy, after giving former Phillie Nelson Figueroa a $4,000 watch for being on the team when he threw his perfect game. The newly-blinged out Figueroa:
"It was sitting in my locker when I got in from batting practice. It showed an unbelievable amount of class to even think about your teammates that way. Not only to give it to the team, but all the personnel he came in contact with just this year, and he included them. He left no one out. No one was more important than the other person, and you just tip your cap to somebody like that in that kind of situation and what it means to him personally. I have all the respect in the world for Roy Halladay, even without the watch."

But the watch helps.

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