Tuesday, August 10, 2010

J.D. Martinez: Good. Not Video Game Good.

Or so says Zach Levine, in his Minor League Notebook.

Hooks manager Wes Clemens, on J.D. Martinez:
"He's made it known that he belongs here. Obviously, he's young in the game, so I can't see him not getting better. He's pretty good right now."

Bobby Heck, on Martinez:
"He was a smaller-school guy (Nova Southeastern in Florida); he just wasn't a consensus guy on most draft boards."
We also hear from J.R. Towles, who still loves Houston (though he has absolutely no reason to feel any love for the Astros):
"I'm just going to wait until the season is over and then hopefully when the offseason starts, I'm just going to start working out and continue to do what I do for the year. Hopefully I'll get to stay with Houston, but if not, I guess other doors open up somewhere else. I want to be here."