Monday, August 9, 2010

Is Austin Wates about to sign?

3rd Round pick - and the highest draft pick to not yet sign - Austin Wates just might be about to start his professional career.

Just landed in Houston! Let's pray for a productive next 12 hours!


Adrienne said...

I'm hoping this happened. Remember Astros, it's all about signing and developing. If the kid want $750,000, give it to him. It's pocket change to Drayton. Just remember, you gave $4.5 million to Pedro Feliz.
Oh, and while you're at it, sign Jacoby Jones and Adam Plutko and a few more down the line. Watched video today on that 25-rounder Quintero who signed. He looks sharp!
Get 'em signed!

Anonymous said...

about 4 hrs ago his twitter said something to the degree of "productive 12 hrs in houston, however, not what i expected. flying back to richmond" that twitter post has been deleted recently.