Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Guy from Philly doesn't understand how Ed Wade can look us in the eye

We think this guy is a Phillies fan:

How Wade in Houston is able to get away with trading a stud like Roy Oswalt to the Phillies for marginal return — J.A. Happ is at best a third starter in a decent rotation, Anthony Gose is 19-years old, and Jonathan Villar is a shortstop who made a ton of errors at single-A — is beyond my comprehension. It’s one thing to justify to your fan base that you have to dump a salary like Oswalt because you are trying to rebuild your franchise. But keep in mind that Wade also sent $11 million to the Phillies to help them PAY for Oswalt. If I were the Astros GM, I couldn’t look myself in the mirror, much less look my fan base in the eye on the remote implication that I was trying to help my previous employer. (And, oh, by the way, Wade is godfather to one of Amaro’s kids!) If I was doing sports talk radio in Houston, I’d have Ed Wade’s head on a spit. But that’s their problem, not mine.

I can't wait to see your thoughts...