Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Further words on the PED suspensions today

Zach Levine, conveniently in Corpus, filed a report with some quotes regarding the Meszaros, Fixler, Cabral, and Rodriguez suspensions for use of an undisclosed PED.

Wade, in a statement:
"The Houston Astros fully support the efforts of the Commissioner’s Office to rid our sport of any type of inappropriate drug use. Our players and staff have been briefed, counseled, educated and warned about what the ramifications and consequences are when they choose, either knowingly or not, to violate the MLB drug policy. And yet, despite the best efforts of MLB and the Astros, we still have individuals who abuse our game by ignoring reality. We are embarrassed by these types of suspensions. They are a smear on our game and our organization, and we will redouble our efforts to make sure the message gets through."

Ricky Bennett:
"I’m always disappointed when our guys make those kind of choices," said Bennett, who stressed that performance-enhancing drug dissuasion takes place at every level of the system. "Unfortunately it happens sometimes."