Saturday, August 7, 2010

A further note on this Methylhexanamine

Over at the Crawfish Boxes, Subber10 has a big ol' post on the substance that Meszaros, Fixler, and Cabral tested positive for. We're pretty sure we are referred to pretty heavily, and that's fine.

Subber has a far more extensive background in bodybuilding than any of us do, so his post should be taken seriously. It's a long post, and worth the read, and it steers away from our "They got popped for sullied Benadryl" post from yesterday, but here's the concluding paragraph:

In conclusion, were the players wrong for their usage of Jack3d and did they adequately do their research to help prevent this? Probably not to their fullest capabilities, but probably enough in their mind. Is the MLB adequately doing their part in educating and helping these young athletes? Not at all! There is so much more that they could do to help preven this. Do I still issue my free pass to Danny Meszaros? You bet I do because if he was using Jack3d, he's no better than I am because I've been planning on buying it as my next pre-workout supplement when I run out of my current one!


Subber10 said...

Thanks for linking to my article! My reference to bloggers did not include just this site. There were many that pointed to that use of the substance including TCB. It was in no way an intent to insult anyone for that notion because that is the most common usage so that only made sense. With my background, I just have to be a nerd about it and dig deeper because that area brings the nerd out in me. Keep up the great work!

The Constable. said...

Not at all - wasn't taken as an insult.

My idea of doing high-rep, low-weight curls is with a 12-pack of Ziegen. So I'm more than happy to defer to your expertise.