Wednesday, August 4, 2010

DeShields to sign Thursday

As mentioned earlier, Delino DeShields will be taking a physical and signing a contract tomorrow in Houston, where according to Brian McTaggart, he'll spend a week in Kissimmee before joining Greeneville, and get starts at 2B.

"I'm really excited. I'm glad everything is over with and finalized. I'm ready to get going. I want to get out there right away, but this summer is the first one I had off in 12 years. I haven't played any baseball, so it's kind of weird. But I was glad I got the chance to stay at home because all my friends are going to college and I got to spend my last summer at home probably ever. That was good for me, but I've been real anxious and I had to wait. I waited long enough and it's finally over with."

DeShields, in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
“I won’t be playing any games in Florida, just getting back into baseball shape."