Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blum back to Houston, Downs could be a future 2B1

Geoff Blum's Blum neck has sent him back to Houston for an examination on his jacked up neck.

"He was feeling much better last night after the game and we asked him if he would be able to play today, and he said yes, he wanted to be in the lineup. He got here real early and said, 'Millsie, it's worse today than it was yesterday and I can hardly move.' And so we kind of talked a little bit and he went in to get some treatment.

"We talked to [general manager] Ed [Wade] and [head athletic trainer] Nate [Lucero] and decided we have to get some answers because it's been a while now. We decided to send him back to see Dr. McCann. He has an appointment in the morning with him and hopefully we'll know something by the end of our game tomorrow afternoon at the latest."

Wade has some nice words on new Express member Matt Downs:
"Our reports on him were that he's a multi-position guy, possibly and everyday guy at second. He's just a good baseball player who gets the most out of his ability, one of those types of guys. He has options remaining and buys a little bit more depth. We had a roster spot available, and so it made sense to claim him."

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