Monday, August 2, 2010

Berkman having a hard time adjusting to New York

Berkman knows that we can read New York papers, right? Well, he probably doesn't care, anyway. But still...after making a couple of defensive miscues against the Rays yesterday, there was this:

Berkman did make a nice, diving play to save a run in the fourth inning, but he was honest enough afterward to say that coming over from the woeful Astros and being thrown into this series was something of a culture shock for him.

"I don't think I've played in a meaningful game in three years. I hate to put it like that, but it's different. With this type of intensity you have to manage your emotions, you have to slow everything down. You have to be in that environment again to learn to do that."

Careful, Lance, for a while I was actually sad that you left...


rob s said...

I started to get upset too until i realized it was the truth. I don't think his intentions were to disrespect the astros.

On a side note, yesterday's game was awesome. My wife brought my 3 week old son in the bottom of the 7th for his first game. He saw his first grand slam and we got on the jumbo tron. I've been to a ton of meaningful games before but that has to be my favorite.

John M said...

Hard to get mad at the guy for saying something true.

Watching Lance in a Yankees uniform this weekend was kind of like watching your favorite college player make the jump up to the pros. It's a weird time to be an Astros fan.

John Royal said...

Yeah, I don't see what Berkman said that was wrong. For the past several years, the Astros only idea of a meaningful game involved Craig Biggio trying to get his 3000th hit.