Thursday, August 5, 2010

Berkman could have ended up with the White Sox

Not that this matters - at all - but it seems as though Lance Berkman didn't necessarily reject the White Sox at the trade deadline.

Jayson Stark:
We've also heard that stories of Berkman's invoking his no-trade clause to turn down a deal to the White Sox weren't quite correct. He informed the Astros early on he wouldn't go to the White Sox but it doesn't appear he ever quashed a specific trade.

The Twins, Reds, Mets, Dodgers and even the Blue Jays tried to swoop in and deal for Wandy Rodriguez on Saturday. But the Astros never seriously entertained trading him.

We also get to hear from Stark's scouts. On Wallace:
"I don't get it. He's always in demand. People always want him. But as soon as they get him, they're willing to move him out the door. So what am I missing? … If I was going to hang my hat on a [young hitter] to say, 'This guy will hit in the big leagues,' he'd be right at the top of the list."

On Happ:
"For me, he's at least a No. 3 starter -- at least. The people who say he's just a fifth starter are people who saw him when he first came up and don't actually watch him. He's better than that. This guy is smart. He has a great feel. And guys swing through his fastball."