Saturday, August 14, 2010

All is not lost for Paulino's rotator cuff

Bernardo Fallas' Notes Column gives us a little more info on what Dr. James Andrews said to Paulino (after, of course, he slipped up and called him "Favre" three times).

"Dr. Andrews conferred with the team diagnosis. He said there is inflammation in the rotator cuff, and he also said there is improvement. I feel good after hearing that. Now it's a matter of continuing the treatment and seeing how it responds, but I have to do it carefully. The rotator cuff is what fuels a pitcher; it's the life of a pitcher."

"The prognosis is he's going to need a lot more rest. There's no timetable yet. We're waiting to see how the shoulder responds to the rest and how quickly that strength comes back."

So will he return this season, Mills?
"I don't know about that; we're going to have to wait and see. You don't want to rush anybody back and risk injury, but definitely with him, the way he threw the ball before he got hurt was pretty special."


And Matt Lindstrom is structurally sound. Just not mechanically:
"(The back) is structurally sound; it's a muscular problem. They put me on some meds, and I'm already feeling much better. It's quite a relief to know that there's really nothing wrong with the spine or anything like that, so I'm just going to keep getting treatment and take it day-to-day."

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