Friday, August 6, 2010

22 out of 38 Astros fans are full of crap

Public Policy Polling polled fans on their favorite team's manager to get their approval rating. Of course, only 18 managers received ratings at all. So this is just a strange poll.

Anyhow, Brad Mills saw 16 of 38 fans approve of him, though the poll was taken between June 19 and June 21. This is ridiculous. So what say you, actual fans?


Joe said...

Brad Mills has done an excellent job at the helm of such a shotty team this year. He is a player manager who respects his guys and doesn't embarass them by calling them out through the media. This atmosphere makes it easy for players to give everything thing have and play hard for their manager due to mutual respect between player and coach. Makes me begin to wonder what Brad Mill's WAR would be if they kept such a statistic on coaches.

Coming from Boston and their typical veteran clubs, Millsey really has a leg up on most first year managers. I like him as long as the players (minus Carlos "Fat" Lee) continue to play hard and make progress. I think we a terrific coaching staff. Whether its Jaime Quirk, Dave Clark, Bagpipes, Arnsberg or Mills, I think we have an above average coaching staff that has the chance to be great once the winning comes along.

rob s said...

maybe their poll should have had the caveat "remember Cooper was their manager before. In kidding aside I agree 100% with previous statement