Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yeah, because Josh Hamilton should get something else for his 156-yard drive

So Josh Hamilton hits a 468-foot homer off Oswalt. Yeah, he needs some golf clubs.

Josh Hamilton's home run Sunday off Roy Oswalt has now provided him the equipment to pick up golf is he wants too. Hamilton's blast, which was estimated at 468 feet by the ballpark, was an estimated 485 feet by one stat service. That's enough to get Hamilton a set of clubs from Callaway.

For the remainder of the season, Callaway is giving an major leaguer who hits a homer at least 470 feet a set of Callaway Diablo Edge clubs. Hamilton is the fourth major leaguer to garner a set of sticks so far this season, joining Atlanta's Jason Heyward, Washington's Adam Dunn and St. Louis' Colby Rasmus.

Funny, because if Ed Wade can't deal Roy, he'll need the golf clubs way before Josh Hamilton will.

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