Saturday, July 3, 2010

What's happening at middle infield?

We don't often post rumors or speculation (much less a "wouldn't it be cool if...") from other blogs, but the (excellent) Red Sox blog Fire Brand of the American League has a post on the Red Sox' injury woes, and just what the heck the Red Sox do as they sit within striking distance of the AL East - and certainly the Wild Card, as relevant as that is on July 3 - with approximately 91 players on the DL.

They say Keppinger is a guy you can keep an eye on for the Red Sox.

Which leads us to an interesting point: What the heck is happening at middle infield for the Astros? Sure, you can never have too many options at 2B/SS, but it's been strange, to say the least. Over the last ten days, the Astros have acquired or signed the following middle-infielders:

Ramon Vazquez and Luis Maza - both of whom are at Round Rock. Angel Sanchez is quite obviously starting at shortstop for the Astros, with Oswaldo Navarro sitting on the bench. Michael Affronti is at Corpus and can play both 2B/SS.

And there's still Matt Kata, who got time in Houston last season. While currently at 3B for the Express, he can play shortstop, as well.

It's far too speculative to say that the Astros are about to make a move on Keppinger, but they sure are stocking up quick at the upper-levels of Eddie's Farm on the positions Keppinger can play.