Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wade ain't happy with young DeShields, and other notes

We see from Brian McTaggart a number of items in the notebook. Among them:

Ed Wade is disappointed the Astros haven't signed Delino DeShields, Jr:
"There's so few guys signed [in the first round], but at the same time, I would be less than candid if I didn't say I was disappointed that he's not signed. We take a lot of pride in the work the guys have done from a player development standpoint, and we understand how these at-bats can enhance a guy's chances and movement."

And Wade has a little anecdote for DeShields:
"The only thing we have to do is point at the guy who crouches behind the plate at the Major League level, Jason Castro. He was signed in July of 2008 and is now in the big leagues. If Jason had waited until the very last moment to sign and didn't have the benefit of those at-bats in July and August of 2008, it would be rather unlikely he would be catching at the big league level at this point."
We also see that Berkman took some early BP before last night's game. Mills:
"You'd like to say that none of your hitters go through something like that, but they do. It's just something where you get them some confidence and try to keep it light where you don't get bogged down with it. It was nice to see him take some swings today and hit some balls on the button and be able to get that feel of what it feels like to smoke some balls."
And Brandon Lyon has a rash that started with diving for an out at 1B, which gave him abrasions, then he got a rash from the adhesive on the bandage. And needed a shot. Mills:
"They put a bandage on it, and his arm reacted to the bandage. He got a rash, and it was really bothering him. It's a pretty good rash, so he went to the doctor, and the doctor gave him some stuff to calm the rash down."



John Royal said...

It would be interesting to hear from the DeShields camp. Maybe the Astros aren't offering decent money yet. Or maybe the DeShields camp is waiting to find out what the players in front and behind him sign for and they'll use those numbers as a bargaining point.

The Constable. said...

I'm guessing the latter is what is happening. See what #9 signs for, and ask for more.

street said...

It has not been the Astros MO to lowball top picks in the Heck era. I doubt seriously that is the case here either.

Top 50 2010 picks that have signed thusfar are generally going at '09 sot prices (or slightly higher). I don't believe for a second that the Astros failed to at least offer DeShields slot, or slightly higher.

IMO, it is reasonable to presume this is a Delino Jr and agent holdup (probably to see what others picked around him are getting). Seems to me it is pretty shortsighted to wait to sign until he sees what everyone else is getting paid instead of being on the field.