Saturday, July 10, 2010

So were the Reds

And the Reds were in on Cliff Lee, as well, with Walt Jocketty saying that they were right there with the Yankees and Rangers:

“We made a pretty substantial offer. They liked Texas’ offer better. It was a deal we wanted to get done. We wanted to show the club we’re doing what we can to get better. They’re doing their job on the field; we’re trying to do our job in the front office to keep us where we’re at.”

According to Jocketty, there's no one else out there like Lee:
“As I said the other day, we were looking for significant upgrade. This guy was significant upgrade. I’m not sure there’s another one like him out there."

Would the Reds trade for Oswalt? He's owed a lot of money, and it's the same question about whether the Astros would trade within the division. If the Astros are going to deal Roy in the NLC, I (personally) would rather Roy go to the Reds than the Cardinals, but it's doubtful The Apparatus would see it that way.