Friday, July 9, 2010

The sale of the Rangers will impact whether the Astros stay in Round Rock

Good article in The Oklahoman this morning on the fates of the RedHawks/Express franchises being tied to the sale of the Rangers:

If the Ryan-Greenberg group buys the Rangers, there has been speculation that Texas could shift its Triple-A affiliate to Round Rock. That would leave Oklahoma City looking for a new Major League affiliate — and the Astros searching for a new Triple-A site.

Oklahoma City was the top farm team for the Astros over the 1962-72 seasons.

Round Rock is slightly closer to Arlington than Oklahoma City, but it would allow Ryan to have his interests closer together. But if another group buys the Rangers, or the sale remains in the air for much longer, it becomes more likely the Rangers continue their Triple-A partnership with Oklahoma City.