Saturday, July 10, 2010

Roy, Lance address trade questions. But more Lance than Roy.

Now that Cliff Lee has gone to the Rangers (sigh), teams will start to turn their attention elsewhere - more on that in posts to come (you should see the sheer number of tabs that are open in this browser). So Bernardo Fallas talked to Roy and Lance.

"It's going to have to work out for both of us (he and the Astros) before anybody does it. We will wait and see what comes up."

“We haven’t been in a spot where we were sellers of anybody going into the trading deadline. This year’s going to be a lot different; I think everybody in the league expects us to trade everyone that we can trade. Consequently, I’m sure my name will come up and Roy's name has already come up, and I’m sure you’ll hear other rumors.”

Let's interrupt really quickly here. This is the first time the Astros have decided they were sellers at the deadline. It's not the first time they should have been sellers. Big difference.

Continue, Lance:
“It’s going to be tough to get a deal done. Because there’s big contracts involved, injury concerns – I’m 34 and Oswalt is 32 — so you’re getting into that range where teams are looking a little more closely. And you have to look at it through the Astros’ standpoint; they have to get value in return.”

So where would you go, Lance?
“Having the opportunity to go to a first-place team or something like that, you have to listen. I’m not saying that I would go anywhere, but I would certainly listen to anything that any organization has to say.”