Sunday, July 11, 2010

Players react to Berry's dismissal

McTaggart has an article with players' reaction to Sean Berry's dismissal:

He's worked so hard for us. You can't help but put some of the burden on your own shoulders...He bent over backwards for us. I've been grateful for the time I had with him."

"When things aren't going well with the players, you have to shake something up and the most expendable pieces are the coaching staff. The team's offensive struggles in no way are a reflection of him as a hitting coach. We just didn't hit well. He just took the fall for us and it's unfortunate."

Berkman, on playing for Bagwell:
"I think that Jeff has always been one of my mentors in the game. I'm excited that he's going to be around more. I told him yesterday, he helps me more than anybody just from the things he told me when we played together."

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