Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pankovits: The ValleyCats should be better than they are

In the wake of last night's canceled game (rain), manager Jim Pankovits thinks the day off will do some good for the struggling ValleyCats:

“I’ve got to be perfectly honest. I’m a little surprised that we’re where we’re at. I think we have a better club than we’ve shown. Hopefully, we’ll be able to put together some wins. As you said, we’ve lost a lot of winnable games and I think it’s just a matter of having a good, late-inning type win, maybe a come-from-behind win that might spur some confidence with some guys. I think we’ve got the bats going for the most part now and if we can get a little pitching to go with that and can play a little better defense, we’ll be all right.”

From the season-opener on June 18 to June 26, the ValleyCats were 4-5. From June 27-present, the ValleyCats are 5-10. So after 24 games, Tri-City is 8.5 games back of division leader Vermont, and have the second-worst Win% in the League.


Kevin said...

Pank's definitely right - the 'Cats are better than their record. More than anything else, they've been hurt by dumb luck.

They've given up 109 runs and scored 101, for a run differential of -8. That ties them for 10th in the 14-team league (and two others are -6).

Tri-City has a .375 winning percentage and a .462 Pyth%.

It's not as if the problem has been the bullpen, either. I can't track down any explicit bullpen sortables, but ValleyCats' relievers have a 2.88 ERA; Vermont leads the league on overall ERA at 2.82, and league average is 3.93.

Kevin said...

After today's blowout win, 'Cats have +1 run differential and .400 record. That's the biggest gap between expected and actual W-L record in the league, and only one other team (Auburn) is even close.

By RS/RA, Tri-City is in a group with seven other teams who should be at .500 (three teams are well above, three well below), but probably don't have a shot at the wild-card because of their unlucky start.