Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lyles to make Houston debut in September?

It's a special skill of bloggers to take one line from a huge article and blow it up. That's what we'll do here.

In a nice article about Jordan Lyles pitching in the Futures Game, we learn a few things and see a few quotes. Like from Ed Wade:

“He’s been the talk in the league in a lot of ways. I’ve talked to scouts from other clubs and officials with other teams, and they’re all saying the same thing we’re saying about him: This kid has a chance to be a front-line starter in the big leagues in the not-too-distant future.”

Lyles' agent Lee Long mentions a September Call-Up is possible:
“The Astros are really happy with how he has performed and the command of his pitches. He has pitched and performed with maturity well beyond his years. The sentiment is to let him go ahead and build up a big year at Double-A and evaluate it from there. I frankly believe that Double-A is a real proving ground in our game, and if he can excel at Double-A, there’s no reason for us to believe that he couldn’t jump a level and end up at the big leagues without Triple-A service.”


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OremLK said...

I don't really like throwing him into high-stress major league innings after already having posted what will have been a career high in the minors, at age 19.

I can see him competing for a job in spring training, although even that is really pushing it in terms of his age and experience.

His secondary stuff has improved, but it still needs a lot more work, too.