Sunday, July 11, 2010

Larry Wade hands out his mid-season grades

The Shreveport Times' Larry Wade gets a jump on me by a day and offers up his mid-season grades for the Astros.

Pitching: D
The pitching staff has been solid at times, shaky at others.

Hitting: F
With sluggers like Lance Berkman, Carlos Lee and Hunter Pence in the lineup, the Astros probably didn't think Jeff Keppinger would be their leading hitter at the All-Star break.

Defense: D
The Astros' defense has been nothing to write home about, either. But with his play in center field, 2009 Gold Glove winner Michael Bourn has been opening eyes. His teammates, at times, have apparently closed theirs.

Managing: D
A manager is only as good as the players on the roster, and the Astros haven't been very good this season. Mills, by all accounts, is a nice guy. But nice guys, as the saying goes, finish last. The Astros aren't in last place, but they're close.

Wade's overall GPA: 0.75