Friday, July 2, 2010

If you were looking for a suitable analogy for the Astros' organization as a whole, this would be a good one

Geoff Blum hurt himself putting on his shirt.

"He was putting on his shirt after the game and his elbow goes 'boom.'"It popped, and it blew up on him."

Of course it did.

So here's what had to happen.

1. Blum is out.
2. Angel Sanchez - acquired for Kevin Cash - is on the 40-man roster.
3. Jason Bourgeois had to be optioned to Round Rock to make room for Sanchez.
4. Except Bourgeois is staying in his hotel room, because no one is sure if Blum will have to go on the DL.
5. If he does, they'll "recall" Bourgeois from his hotel room.

"As of right now it looks like we might not have Blum for three, four, maybe five days. It's easier to stick someone out there in the pasture than trying to stick him in the middle of the diamond."

So Oswaldo Navarro - despite his having options remaining - stays in order to have an extra infielder. Want to hear the OF5 options? I knew you did: Jeff Keppinger and...Pedro Feliz.

Ed Wade, on Bourgeois:
Jason's done a great job since he's been here and I've told him as soon as we can get him back here, we'll get him back here."