Thursday, July 8, 2010

Drayton vs. Nolan?

Interesting article regarding the sale of the Rangers in today's Dallas Morning-News.

Remember Jim Crane? He had apparently submitted an offer worth more than the Ryan-Greenberg group, but it was rejected on the part of the owners because they thought he was a douche for backing out of a handshake agreement to buy the Astros. So the Ryan-Greenberg bid was approved.

Except it's obviously not going so well. Now the Texas Attorney General is involved, and Jim Crane can't be counted out as the potential new owner of the Texas Rangers.

Sports Consultant Marc Ganis:
"What I am picking up in the industry is that Crane is now seen as an acceptable owner. There isn't this virulent opposition to him, in contrast to a number of weeks ago when the word was that Major League Baseball was for Nolan Ryan and Greenberg and no one else."

If Houston Astros owner Drayton McLane had been upset about Crane backing out of a 2008 deal to buy the Houston team, he apparently made clear he now holds no ill feeling, Ganis said.

Why would Drayton go out of his way to make clear that he had no problem with Jim Crane? Because he's a sweetheart, or because he's not real interested in seeing Nolan Ryan as a colleague?