Friday, July 2, 2010

Dayn Perry questions Ed Wade's existence

In a haughty article on Fox Sports, Dayn Perry brings the heat about how great the American League is, because they have all the money. And all the intelligent GMs. Logic would lead us to assume that there is not an intelligent GM in the National League, or at least the good ones are screwed over by their respective owners.

As for the NL, you have an unfortunate number of hapless and semi-hapless operators who also happen to run the high-revenue clubs. In Chicago, Jim Hendry needs to be fired yesterday. In Philadelphia, Ruben Amaro has made several questionable moves since taking over for Pat Gillick.

Mets GM Omar Minaya might be in the midst of saving his job (though the grassroots Howard Megdal campaign continues to build momentum), but his leadership has been inconsistent and unfocused at best. Ditto for Ned Colletti in L.A. and Brian Sabean in San Fran, whose teams seem to tread water and occasionally succeed in spite of the front offices.

In Florida, you find the opposite problem -- Larry Beinfest, one of the most gifted execs in sports, is hamstrung by Jeff Loria, one of the worst owners in sports. And, of course, there's no excuse for the continued employ of Astros GM Ed Wade.

Of course.


Peanut said...

Ignorant bastard.

/don't have the energy for a more creative insult for the guy

AstroAndy said...

I think there are a fair number of GMs who could make a solid argument that there is no excuse for the continued employ of Dayn Perry.

William said...

The internet is ripe with saber-rattling math geniuses who think their fancy acronyms make them members of a special baseball mensa club, but anyone who can outdouche a name as frattastic as "Dayn" wins a special place in the World Wide Web Douchebag Pantheon.

Congratulations, Mr. Perry. You are the King of All Douchebags. As Andy said, the fact that you get paid to write your worthless drool is inexcusable. The bloody clown suit pictures you have locked away in a safe deposit box must be of somebody reaaaallllly important.

The Constable. said...

William, I think we can all agree that your comment is one of the most disturbingly hilarious comments in the history of Astros County.