Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dan Adamson: Power + Speed

Nice article in the Albany Times-Union today on Wilton Infante and Dan Adamson - two bright spots in an otherwise struggling lineup to begin the NYPL season.

Manager Jim Pankovits:
"(Adamson's) got some juice in his bat and he can hit the ball a long way."

"I just look for a good pitch to hit. And I'm hitting the ball pretty well right now. Speed has always been a big part of my game too. I think it might surprise some people. Sometimes infielders take their time the first time around and maybe then they rush their throw the next time."

Adamson has anchored the #5 spot, hitting .583/.722/1.083 in 12ABs (limited, yes), but with 1K:4BB, and is hitting .323/.419/.484 against right-handed pitching.