Friday, July 16, 2010

Carlos Lee, get your crap together

At least he didn't say he forgot what day it was. Carlos Lee missed the voluntary workout yesterday in Pittsburgh due to "flight issues," and his absence will be considered unexcused.

Three unexcused absences and he is issued a citation. Two citations and he receives a verbal warning. Eight verbal warnings, and a note goes in his personnel file. Four notes in his personnel file and he has to run 20 extra feet.

Ed Wade ain't happy, but we all remember what happened last time Easy Eddie got all riled up in the clubhouse:

“The workout was not mandatory — clubs are not allowed to make post-All-Star break workouts mandatory, but I’m still disappointed that he wasn’t there. It would have been respectful if he would have been there.”

Michael Bourn wasn't there, either, but had an excuse from the club. Here's Carlos Lee's take-away: If you want to skip practices, get named to the All-Star team.