Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Buster Olney on the Roymors

Buster Olney's new blog post leads with the Roy Situation, and mentions that Roy expressed earlier this season that he wants what Halladay had:

Roy Oswalt has wanted a chance to play for a winner, and he mused to a friend earlier this year that he wants what Roy Halladay got in the offseason -- a chance to land with a team capable of winning the World Series. And so it could be that today or tomorrow, if the Phillies and Astros work out a tentative agreement for the right-hander, Oswalt will have a chance to accept or reject the exact opportunity that Halladay had -- to pitch for the Philadelphia Phillies.

Olney points out that, while the Phillies may not be good enough to reach the World Series this year, they are positioned very well to contend for the title in 2011. And you can bet Roy is thinking about that, as well. If this comes down to Roy's decision, I think he takes it.


ProBeez4 said...

I would take Reid Brignac and Desmond Jennings from the Rays, that would be a nice return. OR Hellickson/Brignac. If we got that kind of return that would be impressive. If Werth going to Tampa is indeed part of the deal there are tons of possibilities. They have a lot of MLB ready talent at middle infield in Bartlett, Sean Rodriguez and Brignac. Good pitchers in the minors in Hellickson and Jake McGee. Cant wait to see what goes down.

yoni said...

What I want in return...

1 of Happ or Aumont (preferably Happ)
1 of Hellickson or W. Davis (preferably Hellickson)
+ Bartlett or Brignac and another B or C prospect