Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blum out for a month

Looks like Geoff Blum will be out for a month after he has surgery on that elbow today.

"I think (surgery) is the best option right now. I’d hate to be putting (manager Brad Mills) in a bad spot, getting hurt every couple of weeks or whatnot. So let’s just clean it up, get it over with and finish up the rest of the season. I’ll be back hopefully in four weeks.”
In other injury news, Tommy Manzella's finger is healing properly.

"Everything turned out pretty good. We were able to bend it at least a decent amount — from (the finger) being straight so long you can only do so much - so the goal the next two weeks is to get complete range of motion back."
And Jeff Fulchino isn't doing so hot, and his right elbow will be re-evaluated as he continues to experience soreness.

I know everyone's going to scream about his abuse by throwing him out there for 82IP in 2009. When you take his minor-league stats, Fulchino was only used in eight more innings than in 2008.