Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bill Plaschke doesn't like this whole "Bourn is an All-Star" idea

There are a lot of things I don't like about the All-Star Game. Namely, the voters (and that includes fans. And managers.) don't seem to have any idea what they're doing. It's also preposterous that an exhibition game counts for something like home field advantage in the World Series. We can say that, because we know for a fact that the Astros will have very little to do with the World Series. Why you wouldn't go with the better record in Interleague play is totally beyond me. I'd also like to see a skills competition. But that's not a new idea, nor is it likely to happen - because why would Bud Selig throw anybody a bone?

But Bill Plaschke...he's pissed:

Two years ago, on a May day so full of promise, baseball Commissioner Bud Selig reverently announced that the 2010 All-Star game would be played at Angel Stadium. He fibbed. I'll be a rally monkey's uncle before I'll believe that disparate group of 68 players coming to town next week is completely worthy of an All-Star game...

...Two years ago, Selig gave us the image of Reggie Jackson going off the light tower, Ichiro going inside the park, and Cal Ripken Jr. going deep into history. Instead, we're getting Michael Bourn going for . . . what exactly?...

...Bourn of the Houston Astros is an All-Star who doesn't hit for average (.260) or power (one homer) or run production (20 RBIs)."

While I'm (fairly) sure he doesn't have it out for Bourn, lumping Bourn with Omar Infante, John Buck, Evan Meek and Matt Thornton isn't fair.