Wednesday, July 14, 2010

2nd Half Numbers

So now that the season unfortunately resumes tomorrow, let's take a look at the current Astros who, in their career, have posted better 2nd Halves than 1st Halves, and vice versa.


Lee - 1st Half4175.284/.337/.494491:308.831
Lee - 2nd Half3049.295/.346/.503361:215.848
Bourn - 1st Half1184.254/.323/.342228:108.665
Bourn - 2nd Half512.276/.339/.352113:41.691
Pence - 1st Half1374.289/.336/.474222:92.810
Pence - 2nd Half685.276/.335/.486151:57.821

Already blew their wad:

Berkman - 1st Half3325.303/.415/.552529:519.968
Berkman - 2nd Half3335.292/.403/.550582:508.953
Keppinger - 1st Half784.284/.346/.39148:65.737
Keppinger - 2nd Half875.276/.323/.38658:52.708
Feliz - 1st Half2628.258/.294/.420380:132.714
Feliz - 2nd Half1757.242/.283/.407267:94.691

Of course there are limitations to these tables. For one, Bourn and Pence haven't played that long, so they have a much larger sample size in the 1st half than they do in the 2nd half. We'll get to the pitchers later today.

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