Thursday, June 17, 2010

Velasquez and Grills can't sign. Yet.

Zach Levine has a note in his blog post detailing who has signed from the 2010 draft class.

Also, second-rounder Vincent Velasquez can't sign yet because he doesn't graduate from high school until June 22. Also, 10th-rounder Evan Grills from Ontario, Canada, is still waiting to start final exams.

I wonder what happens if you draft a high school player who doesn't graduate. Do you have to graduate high school to play major-league baseball?

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AstroAndy said...

That is correct. High schoolers are only eligible after graduating HS, and cannot have attended college.

There is some question about whether attending a college orientation is the same as attending college, which is relevant to the JaCoby Jones discussion.