Monday, June 21, 2010

Sizing up the 2008 1st Round

When Jason Castro presumably starts against the Giants (that's it, start him against Lincecum) tomorrow night, he will be the 11th player from the first round of the 2008 draft to debut.

-Four of the picks are pitchers (Matusz, Cashner, Perry, Schlereth).
-Five of the picks are infielders (Alvarez, Beckham, Smoak, Davis, Gillaspie)
-Buster Posey is, of course, the first catcher from the 2008 1st round to get called up.
-The Giants have two players from the 2008 1st round debut (Posey, and Conor Gillaspie).
-Ike Davis has the highest OPS among position players, with .787
-Gordon Beckham (8th overall) has the most games under his belt, with 165.

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