Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Signing Bonus time

As is customarily the case with draft picks, the question on whether or not they'll sign is tied to the bonus the pick is expecting (see: Jones, JaCoby). Here we took a look at some of the signing bonuses by the 2009 draft class. What can the NewStros expect in the way of cash?

Well, first, we can see what has already been given out.

Texas' 1st Round (15th overall) pick, Jake Skole, got $1.557 million. The Rangers also signed their 22nd overall pick for a below-slot $1m. The Phillies signed their 1st pick (27th overall) for a $1.16m bonus.

Here's what the first ten Astros picks got in 2009:

Jiovanni Mier (21st overall): $1.358m
Tanner Bushue (69th): $530,000
Telvin Nash (100th): $330,300
Jonathan Meyer (111th): $274,500
B.J. Hyatt (131st): $200,000
Brandon Wikoff (161st): $154,000
Enrique Hernandez (191st): $150,000
Dallas Keuchel (221st): $150,000
Brandt Walker (251st): $150,000
Ben Orloff (281st): $25,000
Erik Castro (311th): $105,000

Not exactly scientific, but you can bet DeShields will be getting north of $2m, Foltynewicz around $1.5m, and Kvasnicka about $1m.

And if I can add one more thing about this JaCoby Jones situation. If we assume the rumors are true that the Astros offered him in the neighborhood of $1.5 million, that puts him at a mid-1st round signing bonus in the 19th Round. So...what's the problem? Boras?