Saturday, June 12, 2010

Roy: Please God, Get Me Out of Here

FanHouse's Ed Price talked to Roy, since he was in New York, and all, and it was the easiest place to get a hold of him. And yes, Roy still wants out. Desperately.

"Location doesn't matter," Oswalt said Friday before the Astros played the Yankees, not at all backing off his request to be traded from Houston.

"I'm only there [a new team] a year and a half. [New York] is as good as any other city. Every city I go to is big. It's different from where I grew up."

Oswalt did say he wants to go to a team that "pretty much" is a sure thing to make the postseason this year.

Hey, Roy, since this is an easy question, what about the Yankees?

"From the very beginning, I said an organization that wants to win. The Yankees surely want to win. Actually, I'd be excited to pitch over here (in the AL). Everyone keeps bragging, or keeps saying, this league's tough.

Okay, so now we know that he's willing to go to the AL. But is it Roy's fault this is blowing up? Roy doesn't think so. This is a completely selfless, altruistic move:

"Everyone tries to put this all on me. This is for both of us, I think, personally. In the whole scheme of things, it would be best for both of us. I'm not planning on playing a whole lot longer. ... I would love to be in contention, to get back into the playoffs. The biggest thing with us is our minor leagues is kind of depleted. We don't have those guys coming from the minor-league side to push us. That's why I think it would be best for both of us."

The Chronicle has this, about Roy going to the Yankees:

“I think it'd be great. Me and Andy pitched together for three years and had a great time in Houston. We went to the World Series and missed it by a little bit, but he's a great teammate, always picks you up. Seems like everywhere he goes he wins.”

This is getting a little out of hand. It rubs me the wrong way, and I think we all know there is a right way and a wrong way to be rubbed. This is just...wrong. Appealing to the press on where he wants to go, and why, doesn't make me feel any better about how Roy has handled this entire process. I hope he does leave, and the Astros get some prospects, but Roy has gone - in my eyes - from one of the most-beloved Astros of all time to someone resembling an ungrateful malcontent.