Thursday, June 24, 2010

Norris will soon be back in Houston

McTaggart notes that Bud Norris' next start will not be for the Express, but for the Astros. When he'll start is still up in the air.

"We want to talk to some people who saw him pitch and talk to some of our starters first."

Since Norris started Tuesday night, that would put him in line for a Sunday start. Sunday is when Oswalt is scheduled to start against Texas, so that's out. And since Moehler is scheduled to pitch tomorrow (God help us all), Norris certainly won't be available. Ideally Norris would take Moehler's spot in the rotation, which means the earliest he's in line to start would be Wednesday at Milwaukee. Unless, of course, Wandy gets bumped from the rotation - and I look at tonight as a make-or-break start for him. Not that I think the Astros would get rid of him, but he's going to have to put together a strong second half in order to convince the Astros to offer him a contract in 2011. Since he's arbitration eligible, I would imagine he's in line for a $7-8 million deal next year, and there's no way he's pitching like that.