Sunday, June 20, 2010

Norris gets closer, Fulchino may be hurt after all, and Wandy's still in the rotation

Zach Levine's Notes column touches on all aspects of the Astros pitching staff:

-Norris is nearing a return, but they're waiting on his physical, and mental, sides to come along. Mills:
"Bud broke as one of our starters, and since he's been starting, we're trying to build those innings up and get some confidence going back into how he's throwing the ball. We want to make sure that mentally he's locked in, not only his stuff but that he's able to command the fastball."

Who's spot will he take? Moehler's? Or Wandy's?

More Mills, on Wandy:
"There's some concern there. We're going to continue on his program and continue to talk to him about some things. (Pitching coach Brad Arnsberg) is going to talk to him on the side, and we might take a little bit different approach for his next outing."

Among those approaches may be switching away from catcher Humberto Quintero for Kevin Cash. Because losing 5-0 is preferable to losing 9-1.

And Fulchino may be hurt after all!
"I've been having issues with throwing breaking balls. I can't really throw my slider in there really hard, and it hurts when I throw it."

That said, shutting him down for a while doesn't seem to be an option, as the team evaluates whether or not to give him a cortisone shot after the MRI on his elbow revealed bone spurs, inflammation and bruising, according to Levine.