Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Inexplicable quote from Mills

Every now and then, when pressed for an answer, or a silly question, I will freeze up and say something utterly ridiculous. For instance, Brad Mills:

When asked why Bourn got the day off in Colorado's massive center field, and Michaels got the start, Mills responded:
“We're trying to get Jason some at-bats, and it's hard with our outfield. Any time you have a Gold Glove guy like Michael Bourn in center field, you want to keep him there and he wants to play. But there comes a time when you really need to get your bench players some time so they can give you something off the bench.”

Note: I follow him. But the phrasing...

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John Royal said...

I'm not much on bench guys "needing" playing time over superior starters, but geez, with that Coors outfield, you would think that maybe he would consider benching Carlos Lee instead.